Not Just an App...It's a complete solution!

The Digital Education Platform is a complex yet elegant solution. It is actually a highly advanced piece of software that communicates through web and app developed solutions.

Our Platform

Organisations worldwide are experiencing the numerous benefits associated with deploying digital education platforms. Regardless of organisation size or industry sector, Digital Education is contributing to the growth and success of many businesses by providing an efficient, cost-effective and hassle free educational tool.

Our Modules

Using the best, most intuitive features of the app we have created the ultimate user experience. The Digital Education platform puts the focus on the user experience which guarantees engagement and as a result content retention.

Our Turnkey Solution

The DEP application is a mobile application that uses connections to web technology for most of its activity. To ensure that the implementation of our system is as simple as possible we have produced a turnkey solution to remove or assist with potential hurdles to getting DEP into your business as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


DEP is hosted upon IBM SoftLayer infrastructure with guaranteed international service, security and performance. With an almost unlimited scalability of performance and size, DEP can be expanded to match any deployment. Loft Group uses data storage and privacy best practise to ensure that any data collected by DEP is kept segregated and secure.


To use DEP effectively in a training environment, internet connectivity is required. The amount of traffic that is needed and the speed of the connection is dependent on the number of devices being used concurrently.

Loft Group can be engaged at any point in the arrangement of this connection for the site. Loft Group can arrange and manage connection via a local Internet Service Provider, providing proactive support and reporting. Or provide hardware acquisition, configuration and delivery for wireless networking and infrastructure. Loft Group is committed to supporting your IT Department in any aspect of maintenance or support for our product.


Working with DEP relies upon access to mobile devices within your training facility. Loft Group will manage and deliver any required Apple Tablet device for your company. Loft Group can provide high end hardware management processes, including acquisition, maintenance and retirement. All Apple Tablet devices are proactively monitored and supported and are delivered to your site with all required software and configuration done.