Scribble Pad

The digital Scribble Pad enables users to handwrite notes and add comments to photos or illustrations by using the touch functionality or with a stylist. This allows for freedom to create illustrations, mark headsheets, circle or highlight answers with in the workbook. Also many users may find it quicker and easier handwriting their own notes over the more conventional ‘keypad’ approach.

Drag & Drop

This feature within the Digital Education Platform enables users to drag photos, notes, answers or supplied images on to their workbook. This is accomplished by the user selecting the virtual object by ‘grabbing’ it and dragging it out of the container to a different location within the workbook. The benefits to the Drag & Drop feature within the workbook allows for user interaction through an easy and quick solution in dragging content or answers to the appropriate section, reducing the amount of keypad typing required.

Note Pad

The Note Pad within the Digital Education Platform is a simple text-only editor that allows users to use the device keypad. All the user notes are stored within the course on the page that they placed the notes on. These notes can be accessed and reviewed throughout the course. Users have the ability to add additional notes or remove notes at any stage during or after the course.


The Camera Roll stores all the users photos in one convenient location for easy access. The user has the ability to enter the Camera Roll and select or delete any photos with in there. Once a photo has been selected the user has the ability to Drag & Drop the photo onto their workbook. This feature along with the Scribble Pad could ultimately enable users to create their own moodboards or pages within the workbook.


Moodboards are a great way to convey your intentions, and the Digital Education Platform helps you hone your ideas and organize the board in the manner in which you want to present.