Interactive Workbooks & Courses

Using the best, most intuitive features across a range of tablet devices currently on the market, the Digital Education Platform provides an intuitive and interactive learning method which guarantees engagement and improved communication. As a result, students benefit with an improved learning experience, plus a greatly enhanced retention of course content and messages. Teachers or Educators now present from the same tablet device using a recognised delivery method such as iBooks or Play Books, ensuring the presentation is consistent and relevant with agreed global standards within the organisation.


Notifications alert users to important information such as new products, events, course updates, time table changes and more. They can be tailored to target certain user groups such as managers, or students who have just finished a particular course.


Access education material in your office, from home, or anywhere. Resources enables a group of users to have access to their Digital Education Platform media including information on products, processes and videos. These are all stored on the Cloud, which means easy access for both facilitator and student.


Keep users up to date with current international and localised news through the dedicated news section. Have the latest press releases and launches of new products seen and understood.


All product information including the technology within each product, step by step ‘how to’ instructions, and the ability to view the complete product catalogue is available to the user at their fingertips.


Through their own personalised unique profile, users can access their photo album, the results they have achieved in each course and class notes they have generated throughout the courses. They have the power and convenience to access their profile any time and anywhere.


The Calendar feature displays all of the course descriptions and when they are available throughout the year. Users have quick and easy access to the localised course delivery dates which enables them to balance their time and plan to learn.