More than an application...
a complete solution.

Organisations worldwide are experiencing the numerous benefits associated with deploying digital education platforms. Regardless of organisation size or industry sector, Digital Education is contributing to the growth and success of many businesses by providing an efficient, cost-effective and hassle free educational tool.


Loft Group Digital Education is much more than an education platform; it is a powerful tool that will revolutionise the way your organisation educates.

Creating a Digital Education platform that meets all of your precise business needs and requirements, as well as fulfilling future goals and objectives can be a difficult process. The focus for Digital Education has been to ensure the education process continues to evolve and remain relevant to the ever changing business needs of your enterprise partners. The ability to measure and review performance against the highest industry standards ensures that you will continue to provide an educational experience based on participation, feedback, data collection and results based on statistical reporting methods developed across the Digital Education Platform.

Needs Analysis and Scope Definition

The Loft Group Needs Analysis and Discovery Process will identify the most efficient and effective way of implementing the Digital Education Platform. This process will consider all the specific requirements and local conditions with the aim to refine the design and development process to ensure the highest quality and standards are achieved in delivering all the necessary elements.

Loft provides consulting services essential to the successful delivery of the Digital Education Platform. The analysis and assessment phase is then presented, providing the basis for further investigation and revision.

Consultation and Evaluation:

  • IT Capabilities Assessment
  • Business Analysis
  • Education Process Review
  • Tablet Hardware Implementation and Support Assessment
  • Assessment of the current education processes in order to identify the level of localisation and customisation requirements and specifications
  • Define the best practises for the delivery of digital education. Determine the change management requirements for Educators in order to easily migrate from traditional to digital delivery methods. Establish key performance indicators in monitoring the on-going education performance
  • Define the Project Management priorities including design and development elements, localisation and customisation, seminars and training schedules;
  • Collaborate with the Education team to ensure project deliverables remain to the agreed schedule prior the commencement date
  • Establish proven methodologies and protocols necessary to ensure effective and efficient communication between Education Managers and Educators via Loft Helpdesk and Support Process.

Return on Investment

As with any capital expenditure in business today, ultimately return on investment is inevitably one of the key considerations. In looking specifically at the tangible gains and the immediate benefits accrued from the Digital Education Platform, there are a number of reasons why the ROI proposition is so exciting. Improved cost savings and exponential gains in operational efficiency are obviously some of the key features that result from its implementation. What is equally if not more important are the profitability gains that have traditionally been harder to quantify, for example the resulting strategic advantage for your brand in the marketplace that arises from the increased value and total number of people that are educated about you and on board with you. In turn, through the digital education experience, the individual becomes a highly valued member of the team. Some of the benefits include:

  • Instant access to reports collating stats and data necessary to improve results
    and participation
  • Improved efficiency and reduced lead times compared to traditional methods
  • No more overlap and waste due to standardisation of delivery
  • Distribute learning materials and effectively communicate with students and facilitators
  • Significantly reduced training costs across the organisation
  • Time and cost reduction across administration services
  • Elimination of recurring production costs associated with printed material
  • Reduced cost for deployment for brand collateral, courses and news releases
  • More affordable and direct channel marketing and advertising
  • Standardisation of education formats covering multiple learning disciplines


Facilitator Experience

The time and money cost in training the trainer is expensive. There are a number of time and money saving benefits which significantly improve the facilitator experience overall.

Benefits to the Facilitator:

  • The educator is no longer focused on creating custom and localised content via powerpoint
  • Drastically reduced administration costs in compiling reports, results and feedback
  • No more dilution of brand or product messaging resulting from the breakdown of communication
Student Experience

Unlike traditional printed workbooks, students notes are never lost due to the magic of the Cloud. It becomes the ultimate reference tool for students

Benefits to the Student:

  • Engagement through interaction
  • Accommodates all learning styles
  • Dramatically increases content retention
  • Technology medium suits the demographic
  • Able to view notes on the go
Enterprise Experience

Now the education experience can be shared within the office environment. Students can buy in to your vision quickly and easily, and assist others to build the company brand.

Benefits to the Salon:

  • Drives sales through students superior product & process knowledge
  • The business can follow student preformance via the data
  • Puts the business on the leading edge of the industry
  • Increased loyalty from staff by supporting their professional development


This application ensures that Digital Education Platform user trends and statistics are readily available, easy to understand and can be effectively interpreted. Data is represented in graphical, statistical and numerical format and can be compared to previous time periods to monitor application traffic and user behavior. This will ultimately aid Facilitators to fulfill their objective of providing an online workspace which will enable them to do their job more efficiently.


If Faciltators and managers cannot find or access information specifically relevant to them, they are unlikely to view their statistics as a valuable resource. Loft Group has developed the in-built benefit which measures the data best associated with education functionality.


The intuitive design and clear layout enables users to access a range of data associated with different areas of the platform in a rapid manner. If further analysis is required, the graphs can be downloaded either as a JPEG, PNG, PDF or an SVG file and printed. This eliminates the need for lengthy reports, which in turn reduces the amount of time and resources spent on collecting and analysing non-statistical data.


The presentation of data in graph form allows for immediate comparisons to be made, it also provides new insights into the capabilities of your Digital Education Platform resulting in successful forecasting for the future. Areas of education which are outdated or inadequate can be easily identified through the low percentage of users reading published pages, news reviews and documents.

It is actually a highly advanced piece of software that communicates through web and app Developed solutions.


Loft Group provides website maintenance and support to ensure the Digital Education Platform performs to the highest standards and delivers to your expectations. This is a common practice for technology based organisations and an essential component of the product life cycle.

The Loft Group’s point of difference revolves around being a people focused organisation that believes there is more to community life than simply providing the tools that educates people. Loft Group effectively facilitates the interaction between people and technology, challenging traditional behaviours and simplifying technology in order to engage and motivate people. The experience will improve overall confidence and interaction within the community.

Loft Group can extend our support across many facets of the community not normally associated with new technologies or technical software applications. This ranges from campaign development necessary to engage the interest of people through positive interaction and promotional activities prior to release, creating an event for the Digital Education launch through to ongoing PR, advertising and marketing opportunities.

The community within your company is a vital resource that will share their experience with others, remain loyal while feeling that their contribution is appreciated in everyday life.

Quality Assurance, Maintenance & Helpdesk Access

The platform maintenance and software development life-cycle principles combined with concise documentation, training and client support services are an essential component in the quality assurance process. Loft provides support and maintenance agreements for all types of application development.

Our process management structure ensures the ability to deploy rapid development and analysis for problem solving identification and verification. Experienced personnel are there to help with the simplest of tasks through to the most complex investigations that ensure software reliability.

Our annual quality assurance, maintenance and support agreements will provide you with access to the following features pending on the service level requirements:

  • 24x7 email facilities to report software related issue management
  • Access to telephone helpdesk support
  • Access to knowledgeable, experienced and certified consultants
  • Prompt and efficient processing of your calls, in accordance with agreed priority levels
  • Respond and report progress towards resolving software defects
  • Effective management of support request and agreed call resolution
  • User Assistance “Help Desk” facilities for users to ask “how to” questions
  • Environmental support related to systems configuration, integration and product interaction with current third party software and hardware components
  • Configuration and software development to meet revised business functionality
  • Software development or upgrade installation, testing and configuration


We offer a range of training programs to suit all levels of user experience. Our tailored training programs can be conducted to meet an individual’s needs, covering a range of options such as workstation ‘one on one’, on-site workshops or on a ‘train the trainer’ basis therefore allowing a group of key associates to become experts.

Although training programmes can be customised an example of a standard intranet training programme is as follows:

  • Academy experience - working with digital education within a class environment
  • New Technology
  • Change Management
  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks
  • Hardware advantages and usability

Secure Web Hosting

Loft Group provides first-class managed hosting services, enterprise-grade application environments, dedicated linux, windows and clustered servers - hosted Tier-1 datacentre facilities, within best-of-breed networking, redundancy and security frameworks.

A full set of infrastructure and dedicated server management services are available, making sure that all the complexities behind the service delivery are handled by our team so that you only need to focus on the management of your business-specific content. These start with the basic minimum, which includes:

  • 24x7 Server Monitoring
  • 24x7 Service Monitoring
  • 24x7 On-call engineer available in case of incidents
  • Daily operating system & software patching/updating
  • Regular inspection & server health-checks
  • Hot-spare servers available for instant replacement
  • Real-time bandwidth monitoring & statistics
  • Benefits of dedicated servers