Kérastase australia digital education


The Kérastase Education objective for 2012 is to align digital learning across the Education Experience reflecting the core values of our organisation, being Indulgence, Exclusivity, Impeccable Service, Elegance and Innovation

The digital strategies developed combined with an interactive learning environment ensure that the Kérastase Education journey will be greatly enhanced. The interactive educational platform provides the ability to personalise the education experience for an individual’s needs plus clearly communicate the pathways to becoming a Master Ambassador. The range of benefits shared with our salon partners will ultimately deliver the ultimate luxury customer experience. Kérastase Education continues to develop programs across new technologies while leading the industry through innovative and exclusive educational resources.

The classes are facilitated by Kérastase Educators either in our exclusive studio environment or at the salon location. Class participants interact with a custom built App via the latest Apple iPad2. This digital delivery method is a world first for Kérastase providing a niche class learning environment allowing participants record their own education journey. The App has been developed to engage all learning styles with innovative and fully interactive education modules. The educational courses are designed to create a lasting impression where participants are encouraged to access course notes, create their own scripts, highlight existing course content, record memories of class activities via photos and videos. The participants create a secure Kérastase Education Profile where the education experience is recorded throughout their personalised journey, including access to product knowledge and reference to education course content and resources. The Kérastase Education App will provide an individual with the ability to access profile information and resources while in the workplace with a complete solution offered across iPhone, iPad, smart phone, tablet, home or salon computer. Their profile is constantly updated with the latest product knowledge, new and events ensuring relevant and update information is available.

The focus for Kérastase Education has been to ensure the education journey continues to evolve and remain relevant to the ever changing business needs of our salon partners. The ability to measure and review our performance against the highest industry standards ensures Kérastase will continue to provide an educational experience based on participation feedback, data collection and results based on statistical reporting methods developed across the Kérastase Education App.

Now that the digital journey is well underway, the ongoing development is focused on enhancing the education experience across the Kérastase Education App. The evolution continues with planned upgrades and features already planned for 2012 including live salon feedback and education progress, exclusive education social networking capabilities and the introduction of 3D models for Advanced Modules.

Loft began with identifying the following benefits of a
Kérastase iPad education application:

Enhanced Education for Salon Staff. The intuitive nature of the iPad encourages end user participation through a simple and easy to use touch screen interface. Salon staff will reach higher levels of education and understanding not previously achieved through the use of static printed materials.

Class and New Products Updates. Kérastase can forward all class and product information to Loft for inclusion into the iPad education application. Have peace of mind knowing that Kérastase product updates are received by Salon staff. Automated Notifications Email or notifications sent to class attendees with alerts to obtain class results.

Green, clean and simple Reduce the risk of proofing errors on printed materials, and decrease the hours required to educate salon staff in person. The iPad offers an eco-friendly and simple solution that doesn’t involve printing and distribution of workbook folder pages.

Easier, Time Efficient Product Launches Loft can implement classes and products on the iPad education application at the click of a button. Inform Salon staff Australia-wide of Kérastase product announcements via application updates.